A Pipeline Closer to Home

13 Jan

With all of this talk about the Keystone XL pipeline, we should not forget the pipeline which dumps 20-28 million gallons of wastewater into Rice Creek (which feeds into the St. Johns River) every day. T

A few facts about the Georgia Pacific pipeline from Cleanergp.com

• GP is the largest point source of nitrogen pollution in the freshwater section of the St. Johns and the
second largest overall source of wastewater pollution in the river.
• GP’s effluent and settling ponds have polluted Rice Creek. Sediments in the creek contain dioxin,
chlorophenols, and other toxic compounds.
• GP’s permit to discharge wastewater into Rice Creek expired in August 2007. The mill has been violating
water quality standards and discharging without an active permit since that time.

And now they want to dump this directly into the St. Johns River.


One Response to “A Pipeline Closer to Home”

  1. Lola Sorensen April 23, 2012 at 8:31 pm #

    Thanks for being part of the Interfaith Council’s Earth Day event. You were a valuable addition, and the graphic display you contributed continues to stun people, hopefully into action. I posted info on my FB page. Thanks again, everyone. Lola Sorensen

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