Live. River. Live.

30 Jul

Environmental Youth Council Tallahassee Video Project: Live. River. River.

In June, 2012, Environmental Youth Council, Florida Clean Water Network, Karen Ahlers, and Neil Armingeon filed suit in the Supreme Court of Florida against Rick Scott, Governor, Pam Bondi, Attorney General, Jeff Atwater, Chief Financial Officer, and Adam Putnam, Commissioner of Agriculture, as Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund.

At issue is our claim that the Public Trust Doctrine, embedded in the Florida Constitution, requires any gift of publicly owned property by the Trustees be in the best interest of the public and carefully reviewed in a proprietary process that conforms with due process.

The Trustees violated that Public Trust by allowing the Department of Environmental Protection to give an after-the-fact permit to Georgia Pacific, a paper mill in Palatka, owned by Koch Industries, to dump, every day, 25 million gallons of effluent toxins through a four mile pipe to the bottom of the St. Johns River.

In June, 2013, Circuit Judge Charles Francis of Leon County issued an Alternative Writ of Mandamus ruling our suit is “facially sufficient”. We will have our day in court.

Environmental Youth Council intends to document this chapter in our lives with short videos. We want to show you that regular people can stand up for what is right. We can speak for the rights of the Rivers of the World. And so can you. Join us in our efforts to work on behalf of the natural world.


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