Final ‘March for Future Generations’ meeting 5/11

10 May

Join us this Wednesday, May 11th, 6:00 pm at Cafe 11 to plan and organize one last time for our upcoming Break Free Action in collaboration with

Hey Break Free Participants,
The “March for Future Generations: Break Free From Fossil Fuels” rally 
is right around the corner:
Sunday, May 15th; Meet up at the East End of the Bridge of Lions at 1:30 PM.
Environmental Youth Council has been meeting weekly to make this a great

Flags, banners, and signs for lots of people; a drum line; a solar 
powered Public Address system with the solar unit on-site; great 
speakers; and YOU!
The youngest will be leading the March across the Bridge of Lions, 
through the Plaza, to the rally front of the Lightner Building.
We will be filming everything, including drone coverage, resulting in a 
YouTube ready video showing the “Path to Action” many of us have walked 
to get to this point.
Please reach out to friends and neighbors to join us.
Time is short for us to slow the tide and calm the winds of 
weather-in-the extreme by leaving fossil fuels in the ground.
Thank you for standing up and standing with us.
All the best.
The EYC Crew

break free hunter


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