Gwen Graham Event: 06/23/17

19 Jun


Attached is the official Invitation
To a reception for Gwen Graham for Governor.
Please pass it around.
Also, included is her updated Environmental platform.
I hope to see you Friday, June 23rd.
Thank you.
Bill/Environmental Youth Council

Among her proposals:
— She vowed to implement a renewable energy standard that makes Florida less reliant on fossil fuels and continues President Barack Obama‘s Clean Power Plan to transition away from coal
— She promised to appoint commissioners who “believe in science” and consumer advocates to Florida’s Public Service Commission to give solar companies a chance at competition with the corporate utilities
— She assured she would work with Democrats and Republicans in the legislature to end Florida’s ban on power purchasing agreements to give consumers and homeowners more choice in where their electricity comes from
Graham was the first candidate to vow that Florida would join Washington, New York, and California in an alliance to uphold the Paris Accord, though King and Gillum quickly followed.
She said joining the states’ climate alliance will mean working to cut carbon emission and investing in renewable energy.
Graham argued that fracking — an oil and gas exploration technology that involve the injection of hydraulic fluids to crack rock and access underground reserves — and oil drilling threaten Florida’s natural resources, including beaches and the Everglades.
She cited her work with Florida’s Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson to pursue a ban on oil drilling, and her support for Obama’s Clean Power Plan to shut down and clean up coal-fired power plants. She also contended she has a record of standing with local governments opposing fracking, which has been frequently cited for causing contamination of ground water.
Graham also declared Florida must embrace and invest in green technology and renewable energy.
“As the rest of the world and even other states move forward on fighting climate change, under Rick Scott and 20 years of Republican rule, Florida is falling behind,” Graham stated. “Renewable energy accounts for less than 3 percent of energy generation in Florida, our state has no renewable portfolio standard, and we are one of few states that outright bans power purchase agreements, which makes it harder for homeowners and small businesses to install solar panels.”

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